Virtual Training Platform

Kanda (2020 - 2023)

Kanda’s flagship product, its Virtual Training Platform is a multiplatform, multiplayer framework and app built for VR, Tablet and PC.

At kanda, before joining the core platform team, I developed, released and maintained various customer facing apps, both multiplayer and standalone.

As part of the core platform team, I worked to maintain quality and drive feature development for customer facing project teams to use. Additionally I provided support for other developers.

During my time at the company, I have done the following.

  • Leading development efforts on project-spanning and complex features.
  • Advocating for technical excellence in the codebase and across disciplines.
  • Becoming certified SCRUM master (PSM1) and acting scrum master for the core team.
  • Leading teams of other programmers, upskilling developers and onboarding juniors.
  • Making technical decisions impacting the whole company. Advising leadership.
  • Getting releases out the door and maintaining technical overview.

Screenshots are from Kanda’s website

Screenshot of the Virtual Training Platform

Screenshot of the Virtual Training Platform