Privacy Policy for

Data controller

The data controller of this website is me:

Mads Bang Hoffensetz


What is collected?

I only collect and save the data I get from you if you choose to contact me.

Name, Email, Message body

When you use an email link or submit the contact form, I will receive an email with the given information (Name if given, email address if given and your message). I will hold on to this information for personal reference, for replying to you or contacting you in the future.

Other parties

This site is hosted on Netlify. They save the following personally identifiable information:

  • Access logs including your IP address, stored for less than 30 days
  • Form submissions, collected via the contact form (name, email, message)

EU residents' rights regarding their information

These are some of the rights residents of the European Union have, related to the use of their data, under the GDPR regulations:

  • knowing what information is being recorded and how it will be used
  • accessing and viewing the information
  • having your information erased on request
  • correcting the information about you
  • getting a copy of the information for yourself
  • restricting specific uses or stopping the usage of your information

Contact me if you wish to invoke any of the above rights.